A Critical Moment: President Biden Nominates Dr. Arati Prabhakar as White House Director, The Office Of Science And Technology Policy

21 June 2022

AGU press office:
Hope Garland, +1 (202) 777-7492, [email protected]

WASHINGTON— The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is highly pleased to see today’s nomination of a permanent candidate for the dual roles of White House Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Science Advisor to the President.

The OSTP provides the President and White House senior staff with timely guidance about science and technology that affects the nation’s economy, public health, environmental quality, and national security.

At a time when we are facing severe challenges from climate change, environmental injustice, health crises, demands on energy and so much more, the OSTP is more vital than ever. Having a permanent Director that also fills the role of President’s Science Advisor is an important step to ensure that science informs crucial policies.

AGU urges the Senate to act swiftly to confirm the OSTP Director and President’s Science Advisor so the nation can fully benefit from top-notch science policy advice.

“Science is at the intersection of everything. The OSTP needs to operate at peak performance to build the public and private partnerships needed to address the critical challenges facing our nation and world. For the U.S. to fully benefit from science, the OSTP needs a permanent Director and Science Advisor as soon as possible,” said Randy W. Fiser, AGU CEO.

The AGU community works to understand climate change and its impacts and lead the building of sustainable solutions. A strong partnership with the U.S. Administration means scientists and researchers around the world have a voice and platform for change and impact.


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