Submit Publicity Information

For researchers 

Are you planning to submit or have you just submitted a research paper to an AGU journal? Do you think your results might be newsworthy? If so, please fill out our publicity form to tell AGU’s press office why your paper might be of interest to the press and public. Please use this form to also let us know if your institution is already planning publicity for your paper. The AGU press office will then contact you if they are interested in publicizing your work. If you’re unsure about what’s newsworthy, check out our handy newsworthiness criteria guide. For any questions, email [email protected].

For public information officers

The AGU press office routinely works with press officers of universities, research institutions, and government agencies to publicize new research published in AGU journals. If you are planning a press release, blog post or other publicity, we can help to amplify your work by co-issuing a release, posting the story to our blog and/or promoting it on social media.

If your institution is planning publicity for a paper in an AGU journal and you would like to jointly publicize this work with AGU, please tell us about it by filling out our publicity form. This form will allow you to tell us where the paper is in the publishing process and give us details on how and when you plan to publicize it. The AGU press office will then contact you for more information.

Working with AGU can help boost your message and allow your scientists’ work to reach a broader audience. We can also coordinate online posting of the paper to give you ample time to prepare publicity. Please see the following section for important information about AGU’s publicity policies.

Please note that if you would like AGU to jointly publicize a paper as a press release or blog, we will need your preferred release date, and a draft of your press release or news story, at least 48 hours in advance of publication. For any questions, email [email protected].

Important information

Journal paper publication: All AGU journals are online only; no physical issues are printed. Once a paper is accepted, a copy of the manuscript is posted online within one to three days and the paper is considered published. Once the accepted manuscript is online, anyone can see it and write about it, including reporters. The AGU press office routinely issues press releases about papers in this stage.

Following online posting of the accepted manuscript, the paper will go through the typesetting, proofreading, and copyediting process. This typically takes 2-3 weeks. Once this process is complete, the paper’s final version of record is posted online to replace the accepted manuscript.

If a paper is in review or has been accepted but not yet posted online, the AGU press office can coordinate online posting of the accepted manuscript and your publicity (press release, news story, etc.). Use our publicity form to indicate whether you would like us to coordinate online posting of the paper.

Publicizing journal papers: AGU does not issue press releases before research papers are published online. We prefer public information officers refrain from widely disseminating press releases about AGU journal papers in advance of publication, including posting embargoed press releases on sites like Eurekalert. The AGU press office encourages issuance and posting of non-embargoed press releases, including on sites like Eurkealert, once the paper has been posted online and is widely available.