Federal funding of scientific research is essential to innovation and advancement

American Geophysical Union reaffirms its position on science funding.

16 September 2016

WASHINGTON, DC—Federal funding provides stability and continuity that’s essential to longer-term missions and programs in Earth and space science that lead to development and innovation. The American Geophysical Union (AGU) today reaffirmed its position statement, “The U.S. Government has a Critical Role in Supporting Basic Research in the Earth and Space Sciences,” noting the importance of federal funding on scientific research.

As an organization committed to promoting discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity, AGU develops and maintains position statements to provide scientific expertise on significant policy issues related to the understanding and application of the Earth and space sciences.

“Earth and space science research contributes to our economy and supports the U.S.’s global competitiveness. Because Earth and the environment can have wide-ranging impacts on society—through natural disasters, natural resource use, and environmental changes—the federal government has an obligation to support the study of those impacts and phenomena,” said Jana Davis, chair of the AGU Position Statement Task Force.

Read the position statement here. This statement was originally adopted by AGU’s Council in May 1998 and was revised and reaffirmed May 2002, May 2006, and February 2012. Learn more about AGU position statements.


Margaret Leinen, AGU president or Jana Davis, chair of the Position Statement Task Force, will be available for comment. Members of the press should contact Caitlyn Camacho to schedule an interview.

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