Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020: Abstracts and sessions now online and searchable

19 November 2019

Seaweed, La Jolla, California. Credit: Sharon Tate Soberon. (CC BY-ND 2.0)

AGU Press Contact:

Liza Lester  +1 (202) 777-7494  [email protected]

WASHINGTON— Discover the latest in ocean sciences research at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, where more than 4,600 attendees are expected to present research findings about the world’s oceans. The meeting will bring together researchers from the American Geophysical Union, the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, and The Oceanography Society.

The 2020 meeting is 16–21 February 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, California 92101.

Information for the press will be posted to the online Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 Media Center.

Included in this advisory:

  1. Abstracts and sessions now online and searchable
  2. Press registration information
  3. Press room information
  4. Hotel information
  5. Call for press event proposals

1. Abstracts and sessions now online and searchable

The full scientific program for the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 is now searchable online. The program includes approximately 5,000 abstracts in more than:

  • 230 oral sessions
  • 190 poster sessions
  • 50 town halls and workshops.

To search, click on the search button at the top, right-hand corner of the online program. Click on “Advanced Search” to search by session, paper, person, primary topic or other criteria. To browse all sessions, click on the Primary Topic link on the left-hand side of the search engine. Scientific, education and policy sessions will cover wide-ranging topics such as ocean-land connections, renewable energy, climate change and marine biodiversity.

 2. Press registration information

Online press registration for the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 is now open. Please pre-register to expedite the on-site badge pick-up process.

The AGU Press Office provides complimentary press registration to working members of the press for the express purpose of gathering news and information to produce media coverage of the Ocean Sciences Meeting.

Professional journalists representing media organizations, freelance journalists, photo and video journalists, bloggers, podcasters, authors, filmmakers, public information officers, institutional communicators, journalism educators and student journalists who present appropriate credentials will be considered for complimentary press registration.

Editors of scientific journals; educators; researchers in science communication; professionals in government affairs, public policy, marketing and project management; and representatives of publishing houses, the business side of news media, political action committees or similar, and for-profit corporations will not be accredited as press and must register as regular attendees.

For eligibility requirements, please read the details in the cover an AGU meeting page.

Registrations are approved at the discretion of the AGU press office and approval may take up to five business days. Eligible members of the press may also register for press credentials on-site at the meeting. The on-site registration location, badge pick-up location, and press rooms locations will be included in a future advisory.

NOTE: Some events and activities, including but not limited to invitation-only events and communications workshops, are not open to press badge holders.

3. Press Room information

The Ocean Sciences Press Office will provide a Press Room with workspace for reporters, including computers, a printer, Wi-Fi, and room for working and networking with colleagues. Light refreshments will also be provided.

Additional information, including the location and hours of the Press Room, will follow in a future media advisory. Information for press will also be posted to the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 Media Center.

NOTE: Audio recording and video recording are not allowed in scientific sessions or in poster halls. Photography is allowed throughout the meeting, however, please see AGU’s social media and photography policy for more information.

4. Hotel information

Members of the press can make hotel reservations through the online Ocean Sciences Meeting press registration site. You will need to submit your press registration before booking a hotel room. However, it is not required to wait for press registration approval before booking a hotel room.

Once you have submitted your press registration, you will see a link to add/modify your hotel reservation on the press registration site. An additional link to the housing website will be sent to you in the registration acknowledgement email after submitting your registration. You can also log back into the press registration site using your email and registration ID to add/modify your hotel reservation. The deadline to book a hotel room to receive the special Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 room rate is Friday, January 24, 2020.

It is not required to wait for press registration approval before booking a hotel room, nor is it required to book a hotel room when registering to attend the meeting. Please consider booking a hotel room now to take advantage of the preferential rates. There are 14 hotel choices included in the registration form and rates start as low as $162.00 per day, plus tax. The special AGU room rates are subject to availability after the January 24 deadline.

Visit the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 housing page to see a list of hotels offering the special AGU room rate, as well as their rates and locations. However, press must register and book housing via the press registration site, and not from the Ocean Sciences Meeting housing page. Please use this page as a reference only.

 5. Call for press event proposals

The AGU Public Information office has begun planning press events for the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020. We invite press officers to propose press conferences and press workshops highlighting newsworthy results to be presented by their institution’s researchers at the 2020 meeting. Email [email protected] for guidelines on how to submit. Proposals for press events are due by Friday, 10 January 2020.   


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