President’s Budget Proposal Affirms Vital Link between Investing in Science and Economic Growth

15 February 2012

Joint Release

<pAGU Calls on Congress to Continue Commitment to America’s Prosperity through Support for Scientific Research, Development, and Education

Washington, D.C.—The following statement is attributable to American Geophysical Union (AGU) Executive Director/CEO Christine McEntee. The American Geophysical Union represents more than 60,000 Earth and space scientists worldwide.

“In light of the challenging economic conditions the nation faces, the President’s budget proposal shows considerable recognition of the positive impact strategic investments in scientific research and development can make on the nation’s ability to compete, prosper and be secure in the global community of the 21st century. While there are exceptions to this broad outlook—programs that have taken larger-than-average cuts that could threaten their viability—AGU strongly encourages Congress to continue this recognition of and commitment to the importance of investing in science.”

“We know that innovation is a critical link to job creation, and that investing in scientific research and development, as well as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, are essential to building the kind of foundation that will advance America’s global competitiveness. And, we know those same investments are also essential to protecting public safety and our national security.”

“Reducing the national debt is important to America’s short- and long-term economic prospects, and we must all do our part, but it would be a mistake to achieve this goal at the expense of programs that keep Americans safe and build a foundation on which our economy can thrive.”

“As the nation’s political leaders work to produce a budget that will help stabilize our economy and advance our global competitiveness, they should remember how many Americans — not to mention how broad a swath of industry — rely on the information and data that comes from federal investments in scientific research and development. And, they should take to heart the game-changing role those investments, as well as investments in STEM education, can play in building a more sustainable future.”

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is a not-for-profit, professional, scientific organization with more than 60,000 members representing over 148 countries. AGU advances the Earth and space sciences through its scholarly publications, conferences, and outreach programs.

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