To Celebrate Its Centennial, AGU Launches Worldwide Grassroots Engagement Grants Program

Grants will support activities organized by scientists and institutions from around the world designed to transform science, bridge communities and inspire the future

4 October 2018

Washington, DC—As part of its Centennial celebration, AGU today announced the launch of a new grant program, the Celebrate 100 Grants. AGU, an international organization representing Earth and space scientists, will celebrate its centennial in 2019.

The Celebrate 100 Grants will be awarded to scientists, institutions and other groups within the broad Earth and space science community. They will support activities designed to amplify the accomplishments and stories of the last 100 years, build lasting connections between the research community and society, and inspire the world to see how Earth and space science can create a more sustainable future for us all. These events can involve groups of other scientists, policymakers, students, and even members of the public; they can be a one-time event, or a series, and they can take place in-person or virtually. Examples of potential events or activities might include launching a crowd-sourced data rescue project, establishing a mentoring program for graduate students,  hosting an outreach program at a local middle school, or buying a stall at a local farmer’s market for a season to have an ‘Ask the Scientist’ stand.

“The history of the last 100 years of discoveries, innovations, and solutions in Earth and space science is a rich, complex and important story. That’s why, in many ways, the Centennial isn’t a celebration of 100 years of AGU. It’s a celebration of 100 years of our science…and the dedicated, inspirational people who have made it all possible,” AGU Executive Director and CEO Chris McEntee said. “When we began to map out ways to recognize AGU’s Centennial, it was clear that our community had to be the ones driving the celebration. With this grant program we are striving to support their efforts to prepare us for the next 100 years of Earth and space science discoveries and solutions.”

AGU will be accepting grant applications on a rolling basis from now to the end of 2019. Grants will be awarded at two levels: 1) micro grants, which are up to $1000; and 2) major grants, which are between $1001 and $10,000. Grants are not limited to AGU members, and institutions are encouraged to apply. As the Centennial progresses, we will be sharing information about all the events planned on the Centennial website, as well as in Eos, AGUniverse, From the Prow, and AGU’s various social media channels.

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