Recent AGU research related to the impacts of climate change

February 2022

photograph of three AC units mounted on a brick wall

Sea, storms and water

Evolving Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the North Atlantic in a Warming Climate, Earth’s Future

Post-Drought Groundwater Storage Recovery in California’s Central Valley, Water Resources Research

Sequential Landfall of Tropical Cyclones in the United States: From Historical Records to Climate Projections, Geophysical Research Letters

Emerging Global Ocean Deoxygenation Across the 21st Century, Geophysical Research Letters

Uncertainties, Limits, and Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation for Soil Moisture Drought in Southwestern North America, Earth’s Future

Increasing Coral Reef Resilience Through Successive Marine Heatwaves, Geophysical Research Letters

Modeling Human Migration Under Environmental Change: A Case Study of the Effect of Sea Level Rise in Bangladesh, Earth’s Future

Heat and warming

Increasing Heat-Stress Inequality in a Warming Climate, Earth’s Future

Implications of Increasing Household Air Conditioning Use Across the United States Under a Warming Climate, Earth’s Future

Widespread Race and Class Disparities in Surface Urban Heat Extremes Across the United States, Earth’s Future

Deadly Heat Stress to Become Commonplace Across South Asia Already at 1.5°C of Global Warming, Geophysical Research Letters

Changing Lengths of the Four Seasons by Global Warming, Geophysical Research Letters


Estimating Intra-Urban Inequities in PM2.5-Attributable Health Impacts: A Case Study for Washington, DC, GeoHealth

Estimated Mortality and Morbidity Attributable to Smoke Plumes in the United States: Not Just a Western US Problem, GeoHealth