Julia Rosen


Fellowship location:
Los Angeles Times

Oregon State University

Current Affiliation:
Freelance science journalist

2014 - Julia RosenAbout Julia:

Julia Rosen was the 2014 AGU-sponsored AAAS Mass Media Fellow. She spent her summer as a science reporter at the Los Angeles Times.

Rosen has a Ph.D. in geology from Oregon State University where her research included drilling an ice core in the Greenland Ice Sheet to study past climate changes. Rosen has a B.S. in geology from Stanford University. She has written for for Oregon State’s research magazine, Terra, and worked as an intern at EARTH Magazine.

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Julia at LA Times

Julia Rosen, AGU’s 2014 Mass Media Fellow, stands outside the Los Angeles Times building. Rosen is spending her summer working as a science reporter for the Times. Photo courtesy of Julia Rosen.